Ghunghroo Vadan / Bell Instrumental by
V. Anuradha Singh

About Ghunghroo/Bell Music - Ghunghroo Vadan

Ghunghroo Vadan/Bell Instrumental evolved by V. Anuradha Singh, a renowned Indian classical bell Musician. Made of metal, Ghunghroo/Bell appears deceptively simple but to be able to play it as music Instrument, requires rigorous training and constant practice through feet which is exhibited in the artistry of Anuradha. She recognized for her unique bell concert with the long list (200 prestigious festivals) of solo participation in many reputed stage of National and International which are full house enthralled audience and assertion from connoisseurs and stalwarts of Indian Classical Music. For the first time in history, V. Anuradha Singh brings to the stage her revolutionary technique of solo Classical Ghunghroo (bell) Recital which takes great dexterity, superb control, stamina, classical knowledge, physical strength and inexhaustible memory bank to play bell in pure classical manner for more than an hour continuously footing on one place. Bell Music recital displays a dazzling virtuosity with amazing crystalline beauty of tone, clarity of stroke, incredible speed, awesome variety, charm, wit and a charismatic playfulness. (100 minutes, non-stop in one place).The total control over rhythm and practise contribute to this unimaginable music recital. It shows the real potential of a musician first time, whole body- mind to feet work in conjunction on the principles of coordination and control. It thus helps in realizing the real potential of a person through classical music, both in terms of her physical and intellectual capabilities.

Her Aim

To pay tribute to Bell which is one of the most ancient instruments in world. Her aim is to promote it in every part of the world and to create awareness of feet percussion and lesser known Instrument while it is the one of the most versatile musical instruments.